Griffin, GA Roofing and Painting FAQ

The following is a Frequently Asked Questions section containing questions that we regularly receive at Quality First Construction and their answers. If you have any questions that are not addressed in this FAQ, you can always feel free to email the friendly Quality First Construction customer service team at or call us at (770) 228-0790.

Roofing FAQ

Q1 Should I remove my old roof before getting my new one put on?

There are some areas that allow a 1 layer layovers, this brings it to 2 layers on a roof or maximum layer allowance by ordinance building and remodeling codes.

We at Quality First Construction "do not" install lay over's. We highly recommend removing and replacing your old roof system. One reason for that is because we do not believe in laying our quality workmanship on top of someone else's work. How do we even know that the previous installer put a good underlayment over the decking last time without removing the old roof? Also the nails are now shorter, due to more shingles to nail through and so the nails that should be penetrating into the wood decking now have loss length due to the old shingle. This makes it more wind vulnerable. Also weight distribution can be an issue on the framing. A roof adds tons to the weight of a dwelling frame. So overall for weight, wind, mold and warranty, by all means we highly recommend a complete removal of the old roof system including felt and then a complete new roof system replacement. It is called R&R (remove and replace) finally, by all means upgrade your roof ventilation system if it is behind times as well.

Q2 What about the rotten wood or warped wood under the old roof? Do you fix that?

The Decking is part of the framing package and not the roof system; however we do repair all areas and properly treat them before replacing the new roof system. NOTE: If this is an insurance restoration job, the insurance does not pay for rotting wood. Why? It is considered neglect by the homeowner if it has had time to rot. So we will replace one or two boards at no extra cost. However, if it is more than 2 we will get the customer involved and let them make a decision on what they want to do. We will get you a fast and agreeable quote on fixing the frame and or decking before covering your investment dwelling back up with the new roof system by Quality First Construction. By no means should you ever cover up rotten wood, as this could lead to serious injuries if someone ever walks across the roof doing a repair or cleaning gutters out, ETC., and falls through.

Q3 The last roofer left nails everywhere, how do you get all those nails up?

We use strong magnets that are yard and flower garden friendly. Also, we sweep all driveways and sidewalks with those same strong magnets. Being honest, the average nail count found on Quality First Construction jobs after we are through, is 4 out of about 10,000. "Now I would say that is a staying on top of the needs of our customers!"

Painting FAQ

Q1 What I should use to protect my carpet from paint drips and stains?

Many people take the cheaper route of protecting their carpet with a disposable sheet of plastic. However, the better option is to spend the extra money on a sheet of canvas. Plastic can get slippery and messy when paint drips on it and it is easy to trip over it when it bunches up during your painting job. However, canvas lays flat on the floor and soaks up paint rather than simply lets it slide around. Canvas can also stay in place around corners and in tight spaces where plastic will simply return to its original form. Best of all, you can use the canvas as many times as you like rather than just throwing it away after the job.

Q2 How do I choose a tasteful paint color for my home or business exterior?

You can choose a great color for your home or business exterior by considering a few elements about the property and how your paint can contribute to them. For example, if your home contains a great deal of brick that are not painting, look closely to find some of the hues in the brick and consider some of those colors. You can also consider the type of property. For example, if it is a Victorian era house, you might choose some colors that were popular in that era to add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. If you want to express a calm and collected environment, choose warm colors. On the other hand, for a bright and busy environment a brighter color might be necessary.

Q3 Does paint expire?

Yes, paint does expire eventually. However, the specific life of paint depends on how well you store it, among other factors. When you are ready to store your paint, make sure you thoroughly clean the can's rim so that the lid can form a proper seal. Too much paint around the rim can build up and crack - letting air into the can. If you are using latex paint, you can pour a tiny amount of water around the edge to make sure it seals properly. You can also use plastic wrap over the top of the can before securing the lid. You can then store the can upside down after making sure that it is securely shut. This will almost guarantee a tight seal.

When you take out paint to complete a job, simply use common sense to determine whether it is still good. If it still has that paint smell, it is probably still acceptable. However, if it smells stale or off, it is likely expired. You can also try painting a small test amount on a surface to see how it dries before covering the whole wall. If it looks good when it dries, the paint is likely still acceptable.